We are looking for the right artists for our first exhibitions in 2020. The themes of the exhibition are fairly wide, since we want to offer a mixed exhibition, not focusing on genres, but on the whole - as we’ve been doing since the grand opening. 


The title of the exhibition in February (8.2 - 22.2) is “Behind the Colors”

In March - “Blurred Visions, Focused Views” (starting date to be confirmed)

In April - “Shapes of Reality” (starting date to be confirmed)


Each artist is welcome to send us a selection of up to 10 pieces, from which our team will select at least 3, depending on the dimensions of the work submitted. The dimensions must stay under 120x120cm from most pieces, and each artist is welcome to submit one bigger artwork to be considered (under 2mx2m).


The gallery will take care of receiving and handling the artwork, instal and/or safely storage it. 


The vernissages always take place at the first day of the exhibition, between 19h and 21h. 


The gallery will be in charge of registering the

event with its professional photographer and video coverage. 

Our guest list will be taken care of by one of strongest PR companies in Hamburg, Bebic Media Consulting.

As online aspects, the gallery will invest largely on Facebook and Instagram promotion and the artists participating will be included in Azaro Art Spaces’ online galleries at Artland, Artsper and Artsy for 2 months with no additional costs.


The gallery will be in charge of packing and shipping artworks to buyers, will provide certificate of authenticity to the collectors and information on the buyers to the artists. 


If you feel like this opportunity is interesting for you, let’s continue this conversation and we’ll be happy to share more details. 

Open call for artists 





Azaro Art Spaces welcomes the new year with its first open call for artists. 

After representing great names of the German and international contemporary art scene such as Janus Hochgesand, Nils Peters, Joschua Gumpert, Kathrin Bick-Müller, Nir Alon, Innerfields, Zdenek Konvalina, Carmen Hillers and Jan Köhnholdt, just to name a few, it's time for you to join the very first group exhibition in 2020.  


We are looking for a group between 6 and 8 artists for the show and the entire gallery will be available for the exhibition.  


The deadline for the application is 15.12.2019.

The exhibition starts on 11.1.2020 and lasts for three weeks, with its finissage on 31.1.2020


For additional information, please contact us at romullo@azaro-artspaces.com

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